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Handpainted Custom Portrait Ornament

A single portrait hand painted and personalised on a round wood slice approximately 6 cm wide.

Created by Birds & Dandelions

Bespoke Stamped Wrapping Paper

Wrap up your special gifts in this 100% biodegradable wrapping paper. Choose your paper colour, stamp design and ink colour.Sold by the meter.

Created by Paper & Cotton.

Fox Cup Cosie & Bamboo Cup Set

Keep your hands and your drink warm with these fun handmade cup cosies made from 100% cotton. Alternative designs available along with two choices of a Cambridge Bamboo Eco Mug.

Easy to clean & both recyclable.

Created by Paper & Cotton

Handmade Cotton Pin Cushion

Handmade from cotton yarn and a wooden button, these gorgeous pin cushions are a must for any crafter.

A perfect gift for an environmentally conscious seamstress, these pincushions are fully recyclable and come with a selection of glass headed pins.

Priced per pin cushion.
Created by Paper & Cotton

Beach Bag

Summer is here and days at the beckon. These handmade bags are shown packed with two towels, swimming costume, sunglasses and suncream. 

Handmade from a soft polyester yarn and available in a range of colours.

Created by Paper & Cotton.

Wooden Protea Coasters

Wooden Protea Coasters - set of 6.
Varnished to be made waterproof.
They measure 9.5cm x 9.5cm.

Can be sold individually.

Created by Crafty Chameleon.

Hand Crafted
Dust Mitt

Dusting has never been so easy than with our fluffy dusting mitt. Simply pop your hand inside and smooth over your surfaces, dust clings to it like magic. 
Handmade from polyester, and available in a range of colours, these mitts are recyclable.

Created by Paper & Cotton

Laundry Balls
(set of 3)

Made from organic wool with wool embellishment.

Laundry balls are added into your tumble dryer with wet washing to reduce energy use by decreasing drying time and making your washing less creased so ironing is also reduced.

Created by Paper & Cotton

Cotton Mug Rug (set of 2)

Cute and practical, these coasters are handmade from 100% cotton and designed to reflect your favourite drinks.

Set can be a mix & match.

Created by Paper & Cotton.

Kitchen Scrubbies

Designed to replace non-recyclable sponges, these durable colourful additions to your kitchen are made from nylon tulle making them tough on dirt but not your hands.

Created by Paper & Cotton

eZy Watermark_18-10-2019_11-59-10am.jpg
Handmade Cotton Soap Saver

Made from 100% cotton this product is designed to make your bar of soap go further by stopping it from dissolving in water in a soap dish or at the edge of your sink. Simply place your soap inside the bag and tie the drawstring, no need to remove the soap to use it. Available in a variety of colours.

Created by Paper & Cotton

Personalised Wooden Key Ring

Personalised keyrings made from wood.
Perfect for party favours or school bags for the new school year.

Priced per key ring.

Created by Craft Chameleon.

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